COVID’İN DİLİ, DÜNYA DİLİ – Do you speak “COVID-19”?


Do you speakCOVID-19”

Every December, we begin to say ‘’God-willing, with the new year I will…’’ and make plans. In this December as well, we set out to welcome the new year with similar thoughts by building dreams and devising our plans. However; this time, new year 2020, has opened us the gates of a quite unusual world.

We were not able to leave our houses for the past few months. The risk of getting infected by the virus, our sympathy for people who caught the virus and people who lost their lives and the uncertainty have left us with major psychological marks on us and keep us hitting, because the threat isn’t over yet.

In other words, while trying to adapt to the new-normal, quite frankly we are learning how to live with the virus. No need to look back on the distant past, even when I look back to the recent past, as life gets more modernized, the threat brings along with a change too, the traces it leaves on people get worse and worse. For this reason, we change quickly, too. Even though some of us don’t want to change, we must quickly adapt to these changes. Otherwise; maintaining our existence in business and education world seems to be a long shot.

All of a sudden, the function of education systems has changed throughout the world. We’ve come to meet our friends, teachers, students, employees through screens. We’ve come to see only scientists on televisions.

When I am exposed to  television as I have never been before, I’ve realized that a new language which is getting more and more clear is emerging: The Language of Covid

This language involves the terminology that people who know foreign language understand more easily even if they are not doctors or scientists Nevertheless, the fact that this new language couldn’t be reduced to laymen’s level of understanding and that people who don’t speak that language cannot understand what’s being said smoothly have accentuated my motto – language means communication no matter what language you speak.

It is hard for people who don’t speak English to understand English rooted terms like pandemic, getting infected and mortality. Accordingly, a group of people who watch doctors on tv without understanding what doctors precisely say and who think that it is unlikely for this danger to find them have emerged in society.  Of course, I don’t presume that some people’s reckless attitudes which are frequently criticized in our society towards Covid-19 is only because of this. However, still, I deem the fact that English terminology is not understood is an important factor in that the expected awareness couldn’t be raised against the epidemic.

Thanks to the modern world, we are getting more globalized with every situation we encounter.

In this case, it is highly normal that the foreign words that find their existence in our language spread like the virus.

Okay so you get sick, you destroy the bacteria in your body with an antibiotic, but what are we doing for the whole world’s common language, English, and for the foreign words that come into our language spreading fast as the virus itself does?

Which one would you prefer? To understand 81 million people in the country or approximately 8 billion people around the world?

Here is an example for Covid-19 language: I would like you to see the sentence below and compare the levels of understanding between someone who doesn’t know English and someone who knows English. Because there are at least 10 English rooted words in the sentence.

When we analyse this epidemic problem, we see that in the case of elderly people who are infected by the virus, if they have cardiovascular disease, the risk of death will increase. Hydration and intubation needs are counted out and a positive correlation has been found between age and the disease. Thus, the ministry started to use filiation which is a contaminated grid chart.

To understand the World, to understand the language of the World and to Express yourself with what you do in the language of the World, make one of the best investments you could do for yourself, no matter what your job is : Acquire new languages, and/or help generations grow whose faces are always looking at the light, who acquire languages and set out to the World.

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